Rust, dirt, corrosion and excess paint can clog up your equipment, reducing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your facility.

Worse still, faulty equipment and hazardous chemicals endanger your workers. That’s why the abrasive blasting specialists at Mandros are highly trained to clear away many types of buildup and discoloration from your equipment. Our experts will walk you through the choices of blast media – from coal slag and steel grit to walnut shells and glass bead – and optimize their blast procedures around your facility, so you’ll be back in business before you pick up any collateral damage. Mandros has been the most trusted abrasive blasting company in the Rockies for more than 50 years now – and it’s easy to see why. We do every job right the first time, for a price that’s fair. That’s the promise we make to every customer we serve, and it’s our promise to you, too.

They are always striving to be better at what they do. I would recommend Mandros as a safety conscious contractor company.

-Carol P. Safety Administrator


Blast away hazardous scale and buildup from your equipment, removing clogs and getting you back up to peak efficiency.

Raise the aesthetic standard of your facility, so your team will be proud of the place they work.

Make cleaning easier, so you’ll spend less time and money clearing away buildup.

Keep your equipment running at peak performance, and bring big savings to your company.