Scale and buildup can clog up your equipment, hurting your efficiency and profits in the short term – and causing real damage in the long term.

At Mandros, we specialize in clearing away tough buildup from all kinds of surfaces, from boilers and tubes to siloes and pumps. Our high-pressure water is powerful enough to clear out solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries or thick sludge. Every member of the Mandros team is trained to use top-of-the-line hydro blasting equipment and application techniques. We even use high-pressure water to perform fly ash evacuation, as well as other types of physical plant maintenance. We’ve spent the past 50 years maintaining our reputation as the top hydro blasting contractor in the Rockies. And there’s a reason for that: We do the job right the first time, for a fair price. That’s our promise to you.

They are a very reliable resource and have always done good work for us. They have been very flexible and responsive to our needs.

-Jerry W. General Chemical


Protect your equipment from dangerous build-up, clogging and choking

Improve the look of your facility, so your team can be proud to work in a professional environment

Make cleaning easier, so you’ll spend less time and money trying to clear away a clog