Here at Mandros, our teams are highly trained in using abrasive blasting to clean out your ESP, reducing your emissions, increasing your production rate, and boosting your facility’s efficiency.

That means:

Fewer EPA headaches

Satisfied superiors

Higher revenue

Happy shareholders

Increased productivity

I’ve been working with Mandros since they started. It’s been great to watch them develop, and present them with this award.

-Governor’s Safety Award 2016

The plates in your precipitators need to be cleaned periodically, in order to keep their airflow at optimal capacity. Restricted airflow means loss of production power, loss of revenue for your facility and loss of productivity for your employees. That’s why we at Mandros specialize in cleaning these plates with abrasive blasting, to increase air flow without letting these hazardous ashes and exhaust particles get into the ground water (as you would see with normal water washing techniques) and keeping the EPA happy – all while boosting your facility’s efficiency and profitability.