Bi-Carb Plant Flooring

Project Details

Deteriorated Flooring in the bi-carb plant was causing uneven footing, tripping hazards, EPA violations, and standing water in many areas of the plant.

Mandros Prepped the floor, resurfaced the flooring back to grade, and installed a non-skid flooring system to help ensure safe footing.

Project Scope

  • Approximately 8,900 Square feet
  • Mobilize crew and equipment
  • Go through all safety required permitting as required by Tronox and get a proper handoff of the job
  • Key cut failed/deteriorated coatings back to sound coatings/concrete
  • Remove deteriorated material
  • Pressure wash and neutralize concrete substrate
  • Acid etch concrete to prep concrete for coatings
  • Pressure wash to remove acid etching solution
  • Mask areas not intended to be coated
  • Apply General Polymers 3477 Epoxy Water Emulsion Primer Sealer
  • Apply Fastop 12S with 20/40 sand mixed into the coating to build surface back to just below grade with adjacent coatings
  • Apply Fastop 12TC topcoat at 6-30 mils WFT to bring coating level with adjacent coatings
  • Pull masking and cleanup worksite
  • Demobilize crew and equipment
  • Includes tank and pump bases, and Curb repairs

Project Outcome

  • The project was prolonged due to the aggressive deteriorating concrete and daily re-work due to the plant’s process contaminating the prepped flooring
  • With this floor system, the plants flooring, tank and pump bases, and curbs are now protected
  • Employees enjoy a safe working surface
  • The worry of failing material being introduced into food-grade products are eased
  • Time Period 2017-2020
  • Industry Mining
  • Services Included
  • Concrete Coating
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Industrial Cleaning