• Does your plant and equipment look old and dingy?
  • Does your facility’s appearance fall below the standard at which you do business?
  • Do you need to protect your assets from the elements?
  • Does your plant and equipment follow aesthetic compliance guidelines?
From tackling the most complex structures to focusing on the tiniest details, our crews represent pure professionalism throughout every step of a painting job. Our clients take pride in their businesses – and taking great care of their facilities is a major aspect of that pride. A clean, well-maintained facility sets a standard of excellence for your workforce, and establishes your commitment to lead by example. That’s why we at Mandros serve as a premier provider for your industrial painting needs.

Coatings and Linings

  • Are your valuable assets corroding away? How long do they have left?
  • Is corrosion eating away at your profits, reducing your ability to produce?
  • Could corrosion harm your facility’s safety, and cause a serious accident or even lead to a catastrophic outcome?
Coatings and linings can protect your valuable assets from corrosion, protecting your profit margin – and the safety of your staff. A coating or lining protects steel structures from corrosion, erosion and degradation, increasing their integrity and lifespan, as well as increasing their run time and long-term profitability. That’s why we at Mandros offer a full arsenal of high-performance coatings and linings, suited for the most extreme conditions. We apply protective coatings to all sorts of equipment, including FGD systems, circulating water lines, pipeline, tank Internals and clarifiers.


  • Do you need to apply 100% solid coatings?
  • Does your coating need to meet VOC requirements?
  • Does the coating you need to apply have a very short pot life?
  • Do you need a very fast return-to-service coating job?
  • Do you need a very high-build (thick) coating?
A Plural-component sprayer offers superior results compared to many other types of sprayers, because it’s designed to pump, mix and atomize high-viscosity, high-solid coatings. Many projects are now required to use only 100% solid coatings, in order to reduce atmospheric VOC emissions – and many of these high-performance coatings can only be applied by plural component spray. This type of spray requires specialty equipment and skills, which make it a unique and technically challenging process – a process in which Mandros’ experts are fully trained and certified.


  • Is your floor deteriorated, causing a safety hazard?
  • Is your floor hard to clean and maintain?
  • Does your floor drain improperly?
Damaged concrete is a safety hazard. Your facility’s functionality – and that of all the processes within – rely on the integrity of its foundational support. That’s why we at Mandros specialize in providing concrete coatings and overlays that’ll restore the integrity and functionality of your concrete structures – as well as solutions to protect and preserve concrete before repairs becomes an issue.


  • Does corrosion and debris make it hard to inspect your structures and welds properly?
  • Is your equipment performing below capacity due to scale, debris or material buildup?
  • Do you want your coating system to last as long as possible?
  • Do you know what’s involved in proper surface prep?
Debris and corrosion can build up on metal surfaces over time, making it hard to inspect them properly and see where problems are – It can also cause many types of equipment operate at subpar capacity. That’s why we at Mandros offer abrasive blasting services for a wide range of applications, including coating preparation, deleading, maintenance cleaning and inspection cleaning services. We even clean out electrostatic precipitator internals. We can use any type of abrasive blasting to clean all these surfaces – along with many more.


  • Is your equipment performing below capacity due to scale, debris or material buildup?
  • Is your equipment getting plugged up or choked off?
  • Is your facility clogged up with solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries or thick sludge?
High-pressure, high-volume water can blast away tough buildup from a multitude of surfaces, including the exterior and interior surfaces of boilers, tubes, pipes, conduits and sewer lines, heat transfer equipment, digesters, tanks, vessels, catch basins, water intakes, screen wells, pit and sump cleanouts, siloes, wastewater treatment equipment, and condensers. We at Mandros specialize in hydro-blasting to clean all these types of equipment as well as other types of physical plant maintenance.


  • Does your equipment have thick scale or buildup that you haven’t been able to remove by conventional means?
  • Do you need very thick or very hard coating removed?
  • Does your coating removal job include danger of dust from abrasive blasting?
  • Do you need to remove hazardous coatings utilizing a dust-free method?
A high speed, high pressure stream of water can remove many hazardous coatings without generating any dangerous dust. We at Mandros specialize in blasting your toughest buildup with water at ultra-high pressures of 20,000 to 30,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) – or even higher, if you need to remove a very hard coating. Our teams are trained to use ultra-high-pressure water streams, up to 40,000 PSI – enough pressure to cut through solid steel. No matter how tough your buildup or surface is, we can remove it without creating a speck of deadly dust.


  • Do you need to clean up an industrial spill?
  • Do you need to clean up and/or recover solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries or thick sludge from your equipment or facility?
  • Are your conveyors spilling product?
  • Do you need to remove accumulations from remote or inaccessible areas?
We at Mandros specialize in industrial vacuuming for jobs like these. We deploy highly trained operators and a versatile, modern fleet of mobile vacuum units – including highly specialized 27″ 6000 cfm vacuum units, the newest in the industry – to achieve the maximum levels of efficiency, whether you need to move ash, dust, oil, sludge or dirt off your site, or reclaim it for later use.


  • Is a dirty, inefficient precipitator or baghouse hurting your facility’s profitability?
  • Is your equipment out of compliance?
Electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) can become clogged with particulate matter, cutting down their efficiency and lowering your facility’s profitability. That’s why we at Mandros specialize in cleaning. From vacuuming accumulations to abrasive blast cleaning the working surfaces, your equipment will run like new and you’ll see the difference on your balance sheet right away.