Safety & Training

We work to keep your employees, your equipment, and all of our employees safe––every job, every time.

We take safety seriously.

Since our inception in 1965, we’ve maintained a strong safety record. Our keystone goal is to keep both your employees and ours safe on every single job, every single time. Simply put, we care about people.

We know how to be safe.

  • We Employ Safety Assurance Pros

    We are committed to meeting and exceeding industry safety standards and requirements. Above all, safety first.

  • 20+ Audits Per Year

    Due to the type of projects we take on, our team undergoes 20-30 audits per year. We are dedicated to continual safety adherence and enhancements.

  • Current & Valid Certifications

    Simply put, our certifications within the industry show we are the best and that we put safety and quality above all.

Certifications & Affiliations

Safety Matters

We protect your people, your projects, and your revenue with

We're Focused on Safety

  • Our Employees are Equipped

    Although each project we work on is unique, our standard for safety never changes. Safety is of the utmost importance for each project. To ensure safety for employees we provide emergency preparedness, personal protective equipment, fire protection, fall prevention, transportation safety, and many other safety measures.

  • We Cover Safety

    On every single project, we prepare a written safety plan that includes: the safety of working and walking spaces, occupational health, hazardous material handling, personal protective equipment requirements, applicable environmental controls, first aid and emergency medical plans, fire protection, and material storage and handling.

  • We've Hired a Safety Team

    Our safety team conducts on-site visits to: ensure OSHA health and safety requirements are being met, required OSHA safety trainings are completed, check environmental compliance of hazardous waste and coating emissions, oversee compliance program implementation, and conduct thorough incident investigations.