Industrial Painting

We protect your facility and keep your equipment looking good.

Don't let rust and corrosion shut you down

When your equipment is down, you lose money. Even worse, your workplace can become unsafe for employees.

We protect what matters.

Industrial Painting

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Our Methods

Experts in countless methods to get the job done right.

You shouldn't have to pick the best service or method of application. We'll assess and then do what we need to do to get the job done right.

  • Airless Spray

    High production spray method, used for large, flat areas where overspray is not an issue.

  • Brush Application

    Commonly used to access hard-to-reach places, touch-up jobs, or irregular surfaces.

  • Manual & Powered Hand Rollers

    Achieve an even paint finish on large flat surface areas or on large textured surfaces, especially when overspray is a concern.

  • Plural Component Spray

    Used to spray low VOC and short pot-life coatings.

  • HVLP Spray

    Reduce overspray with more control for finish work surfaces to ensure a professional and clean finish.

  • Conventional Spray

    A fine-finish technique that allows us to effectively cover intricate, detailed areas rather quickly.

Common Applications

We can paint to protect almost any surface. Here are some of our most common projects.

Equipment & Machinery
Buildings & Warehouses
Tanks, Silos, & Vessels
Handrails & Stairs
Piping & Pipeline
Structural Steel
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Set the standard. Keep your facility and equipment looking good and working the way it should.

  • Corrosion

    Industrial paint is the first line of defense when it comes to corrosion. Maintaining your assets keeps you up and running so you continue to make money.

  • Aesthetic

    Dress to impress! Enhancing your facility with industrial paint creates a work environment that is pleasing to both your customers and your employees.

  • Safety

    Trust us to know the correct materials to use and how to use them safely. We guarantee that all industrial paint jobs will be done with extreme awareness for the safety of all employees and customers.


Industries that use industrial paint.

  • Chemicals

    We reduce corrosion and keep your facility looking good.

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  • Mining

    We reduce corrosion and keep your mining equipment protected.

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  • Power Generation

    Prolong the life and profitability of your power generation equipment.

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  • Water Treatment

    Extend the life and profitability of your water treatment facilities.

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  • industry-oil-gas-2

    Oil, Gas & Pipeline

    We reduce corrosion and provide maintenance for your oil, gas, and pipeline equipment.

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    We've been around since 1965, chances are we've worked in your industry.

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