What is Corrosion Prevention and Why Is It Necessary?

December 22nd, 2021
Corrosion prevention refers to the preventative measures you take to control corrosive damage to your equipment, facilities, and materials. When we understand how corrosion occurs, we can apply the right prevention method to slow down the inevitable corrosion process. Corrosion prevention is necessary and crucial to keeping your business running. Preventative measures you take ensure you are protecting your equipment, facilities, and materials. When your equipment doesn’t work the way it should, you make less money. Preventative maintenance lowers your overall costs, keeps your equipment running, and keeps money flowing in.

What is Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion prevention refers to the preventative measures you take to control corrosive damage to your equipment, facilities, and materials. Corrosion is a natural process that occurs when a metal come into contact with an electrolyte. Rust and iron oxidation are the most common forms of corrosion. Common elements can speed the process of corrosion. These elements include saltwater, soil, water, and smoke and fumes containing acids and alkalies.
To prevent corrosion, one of the corrosion requirements needs to be removed. The most common corrosion inhibitors are paints and coatings. That’s where Mandros comes in. We apply protective coatings that are a barrier between the metal and the moisture in the environment. By evaluating the service requirement, chemical environment, and temperature swings, we are able to choose the proper protective coating for your assets.
Another common form of corrosion prevention is applying a galvanic protective coating. This coating is a sacrificial coating, meaning the coating will corrode instead of your metal. As the corrosion protection coating corrodes, a corrosion-resistant barrier is formed between the environment and your asset. The corrosion inhibitor stays between the metal and corrosion, protecting your equipment from corrosion damage.

Why Corrosion Prevention is Necessary

Your equipment is at risk for corrosion. When all three requirements for corrosion are present, anode, cathode, and an electric conductor (such as moisture), the metal in your equipment will begin to corrode. When your equipment breaks down from corrosion, you will feel the negative effects. There are high costs associated with fixing and repairing equipment and damaged systems. Your maintenance costs increase. When your equipment is down, your production is down and you lose money.
There are many benefits to proper corrosion prevention and scheduled maintenance for your facility. You reduce workplace accidents. Maintenance costs are reduced by nearly 25%. You keep making money because your equipment keeps running.


The costs associated with preventing corrosion far outweigh the cost to ignore it. When you’re proactive about protecting your equipment, and your equipment continues running the way it should, you make more money. Reach out to Mandros today to get your equipment and facilities protected.