How to Prepare for Your Industrial Coating Project

October 7th, 2021

Industrial Coating Project Prep

Success begins with preparation. Creating a blueprint for your industrial service coating job before you even start will help alleviate concerns along the way. 

Tips on preparing for an industrial coating project

  • Safety plan
  • Staffing requirements
  • Management hierarchy
  • Compliance requirements
  • Equipment needed
  • Equipment storage requirements
  • Equipment maintenance and fuel requirements
  • Material handling and storage
  • Project schedule and projections
  • Detailed quality control plan
  • Environmental controls
  • Project impact on others
  • Others’ impact on the project

Quality Control

Quality control is critical to each step of your industrial coating project. When your team practices exceptional and ongoing quality control efforts, your project will be successful.

Beginning your project by completing this quality control measures checklist will aid in the positive outcome of coating your asset.

Before You Begin – An Industrial Coatings Quality Control Checklist

  • Know your product information. Coating materials vary in product requirements. Keep all product information readily available during the entire duration of your project to ensure the safe handling of materials according to manufacturer requirements.
  • Store your materials correctly in a temperature-controlled environment to sustain the quality of your materials throughout your project.
  • Inspect and organize your coating materials.
  • Verify batch numbers for consistency.  
  • Examine all blast media for the presence of contamination.
  • Verify all air compressors are producing clean, oil-free air.

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