The Process of Corrosion and Why You Should Care | Mandros Painting

October 7th, 2021

Corrosion prevention is one of the most significant issues addressed in the industrial industry. Corrosion has both direct and indirect effects on the economy, your business, and your daily life. Handling the cost of corrosion ultimately falls on everyday consumers — in other words, you. Every piece of metal will become defective due to corrosion at some time. There are steps you can take to preserve, protect, and enhance your assets and equipment and delay the effects of corrosion on your property. When you take care of your equipment, it will keep making money for you.

What is Corrosion

Corrosion is the chemical or electromechanical reaction between a metal and its environment. When this reaction occurs, it results in the loss of the metal and its properties. Corrosion occurs because the metal is chemically unstable and seeks a more stable, low-energy state. When left unprotected, iron and steel slowly oxidize due to their environment. This process converts the material back to its original stable, low energy state.

How Corrosion Effects You

Corrosion affects many unseen parts of your daily life. Pipes used for your drinking water, steel supports under freeway interchanges, refrigerator parts used to keep your food stored, equipment used to build your home, instruments used by doctors to save lives – steel and iron are a part of your daily life.  

Corrosion is a silent, destructive force that can quickly lead to equipment failure. You might not notice it until you are faced with the expense of replacing your machine or repairing parts. Preventing corrosion requires proper care and maintenance. It’s critical to have an awareness of how corrosion affects you in your business operations. When you prevent corrosion and preserve your equipment, your equipment will continue putting money in your pocket.

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